Floating Hair Catcher

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Remove hair, pet fur, fluff and so much more with out the hard work!

Tried of hair all over your clothes after a wash? Hair and fur are not only problems for your clothing, it is also pretty bad for your washing machines too! When water with hair it clumps up and can get caught in the tiny drain holes in your washer, resulting in expensive repairs & replacements.

Thankfully the Floating Hair Catcher takes care of this problem for you. The ultra fine mesh liner absorbs hair, fur, crumbs into its net without damaging your clothing.

The Floating hair catcher, floats to the the surface allowing you easy access, and is easy to clean.

Finally give up those extensive pre & post wash hair removing actives. just pop the hair catcher in with the washing and let it work its magic.


Material: Polyester + PE+EVA
Size: 14 x 9.5 cm
Weight: 35 g
Colours: Blue, Pink

floating hair catcher size


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