Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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The Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner is the ultimate brush cleaning kit.

Cleaning your makeup brushes can be long, boring and takes a lot of effort. Thankfully the electric makeup brush Cleaner takes care of the endless scrubbing. 

Clean your brushes in seconds, watch the brush spindle separate your brush bristles as it spins to give your brushes a deep clean, removing both non-water soluble and water soluble makeup.

The come with 8 silicone brush collars that will fit most makeup brush size, and a splash proof bowl  made from P.E.T glass which is also heat & shatter resistant.

The Electronic Makeup brush kit is the fastest and most convenient way to clean and dry your makeup brushes.




Handle Material: Metal
Brush collars: silicone 
Brush Material: feather,Weasel,Plastic,Synthetic Hair,Kolinsky Hair,Squirrel Hair,Sponge,Goat Hair,Horse Hair,Wool Fiber,Badger,Nylon,Mink Hair

Kit includes  


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