Dusty Brush

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Turn your vacuum cleaner into the ultimate duster. 

ordinary vacuum cleaners are limited by there size & shape making it difficult to clean fragile objects and in areas with restricted access.

 The Dusty Brush is dusting attachment for your vacuum cleaner that allows you to reach all those hard to reach places with ease.

The flexible tubes are capable of picking up dust, dirt, pet hair and more from the smallest of cracks without loosing suction.

the powerful micro suction tubes glide over the smallest of objects removing all the dust around it, making it perfect for cleaning fragile objects, display stands, cars, trays with small objects and so much more.

Clean like a professional and make your homes and cars dust free

  • Incredible Flexible Suction - Pick up dust and dirt in those hard to reach places!
  • Made with 36 Flexible, Micro-Size Suction Tubes
  • Flexible Tubes Dust Around Objects – No Need to Move Things Before Dusting!
  • Tube Adjuster Slides for Concentrated Suction or Wide Cover
  • Easily Attaches to Most Vacuums
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Grip




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