Bunion Corrector

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Ease foot pain and correct your bunions.

 Bunion's can be become very uncomfortable and in some cases painful if not addressed in due course. 

Thankfully the bunion corrector address the joint issues around your big toe, works to correct it and helps prevent future joint issues.

made from water- resistant flexible materials to fit any foot size and soft gel inserts for fast relief . The bunion corrector not only relives pain but also helps your foot bear and distribute your weight properly. 

Wearing the Bunion corrector frequently will correct your bunion issue. Designed to be worn with your favorite shoes, while protecting your feet from shoe pressure and friction.

the bunion corrector allows you to simultaneously relive discomfort/pain and correct your bunions.

bunion corrector


Package: 1 Pair of Bunion corrector sleeves 
Material: Elastic & Nylon
Color: Beige
Gel: Macro TRP/SEBS 
Size: 9 x 8 cm  (Can be stretched)


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