Automatic Pet Feeder's

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Keep your pets bowls topped up all week long and never come home to hungry pets again!

Are you a busy pet owner that struggles to find the time to feed your pets? 

These automatic pet feeders keep you and your pet happy, holding up to a weeks worth of pet food (depending on the size and diet of your pet). The feeders are made from high quality transparent plastics, which are gravity feed allowing your pets food and water to be automatic replenished and  prevent over feeding. 



The food feeder has an easily removable lid located on top for easy refill and the water feeder has a threaded barrel and automatic water sensor that helps maintain the water level.

The Automatic Pet  Feeders also have non slip mat design  placed underneath, to keep bowls in place for your pets who are enthusiastic when it comes to meal time.

Cleaning the feeders is also as easy (if not easier )than filling  feeders. simply remove feeder bottles and rinse/wash both container and bowl. Now its ready to be refilled.



Materials: PP Plastic
Capacity: 3.8L
Min output: 300g
Max output: 500g
Dispenser: gravity feed


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